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Ways to Support Bethany 

Many of Bethany's students come from economically challenged homes. It is our goal to provide a quality education to each student regardless of their economic status. Through our development  programs, people around the country participate in providing educational opportunities to children who would otherwise not receive a Christian education.

The Burt Circle

 The Burt Circle is a new development project meant to raise funds to sustain the Bethany Christian Mission for generations to come!    Membership is open to anyone who believes in the importance of a Christian education and wants to preserve the legacy of Miss Burt and others who served the Lord by dedicating themselves to the preservation of Bethany.  The different "circles" of giving will recognize those individuals, wo, through thier generous annual contributions exhibit a dedication to Bethany.  The five levels of giving within a fiscal year are:

  • The Copper Circle         $500 - $999
  • The Bronze Circle         $1000 - $4999
  • The Silver Circle           $5000 - $14999
  • The Gold Circle             $15000 +
  • The Memorial Circle - Honors anyone that leaves a bequest to Bethany Christian Mission    
Thanks to the members of the Burt Circle!

A lisitng  of the newest  members of the Burt Circle Charter was published in the January 2014 edition of The Bethany News.

Ten Dollar Scholar

The  goal of the Ten Dollar Scholar Giving Program  is to attract 1000 donors who will pledge to give  ten dollars a month .  The monies given for this program will be used for various mission needs and projects. Please note "Ten Dollar Scholar" on your donation so that it can be properly credited to this program.

Sponsor a Student

This giving opportunity allows a group or an individual to make it possible for a boy or girl to be able to receive a good Christian education.  Donations made to this program are applied directly to the student's tuition with 100% of the donation used for educational purposes.

Sponsor a Teacher

A donation to this fund offers individuals or groups the opportunity to invest in a teacher who is graciously sharing the gift of  knowledge  and God's love with our students. 

Contact us for more information on how to participate in any of these important programs.



Be sure to check out our News page to see items for purchase that help out Bethany Christian Mission and School.

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